Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are holding our Roundtables virtually, using Zoom. Every leader in the North Star District is encouraged to participate in Roundtable.

Our next Roundtable is on March 4 at 7 PM. This page will be updated after 6:30 PM on that date to allow signing into the Virtual Roundtable. This page is the only entry to the Roundtable. Direct Zoom links are not published.

Zoom can be downloaded here. Please be sure to upgrade your Zoom installation regularly to get the use of new features.

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Roundtable Resources

General Session and Scouts, BSA

Topic: Sustainability

General Session PowerPoint 

Cub Scout Breakout Session

Topic: A Scout is Courteous

See PowerPoint

Klondike Breakout

See Power Point

January 2021 ScoutCast

General Session and Scouts, BSA

This video is being edited to comply with BSA rules for published recordings.

Cub Scout Breakout Session

December 2020 ScoutCast

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