Recruiting Resources

Recruiting Resources

Recruitment Idea Books

The BSA has created really informative and easy-to-follow "Idea Books" for each of its Scouting Programs. Take a look at the book for your program and start implementing tried and true recruitment methods for your unit!

BeAScout Pin

The BeAScout website is a great tool that allows people to find scouting units in their neighborhoods and connect with those units. A "pin" is a map pin on the BeAScout tool. If properly leveraged, the unit can use BeAScout as a recruiting tool or to sign-up new scouts at recruiting events. It can even be used to transfer scouts from one unit to another!

It is very important that this information is correct before Fall Recruitment. Here's how. Here's a great video on how to update it as well.

Ideal Year of Scouting

For Pack and Troop Planning, please make sure to have the Ideal Year of Scouting at your fingertips! This is a great guide for planning your program year.