The Bear Claw Award for Bear Cub Scouts

The Bear Claw Award

Bear Cub Scouts that go above and beyond the minimum requirements for their rank are eligible to earn the North Star District's Bear Claw Award.

The tradition of the Bear Claw Award began years ago as a special recognition created by the North Star District Commissioner staff. When our district was formed, we decided to carry on that tradition of recognizing Cub Scouts for work well-done.

Bear Claw Award Requirements (as of June 1, 2015)

  1. A Cub Scout must earn the Bear rank
  2. While working on the Bear rank, a Cub Scout must earn an additional six elective Bear Adventures, for a minimum total of seven elective Bear Adventures
  3. The Cub Scout must earn the religious emblem of his or her faith


After the completion of these requirements, the Cub Scout's Den Leader or Cubmaster will contact the Pack’s Unit Commissioner and arrange the creation of the Bear Claw Award, as well as its presentation ceremony. The Bear Claw Award is something that is handmade, not purchased at the Scout Shop.


The following Ceremony scripts are available for your unit's ceremony. You're welcome to use your own as well.

File Name Description
Image Bear Claw Ceremony Poem.pdf

Two poems, one for a single scout getting the award and another for several scouts getting the award.

Image Bear Claw Ceremony.pdf

Ursa Major and Ursa Minor - Bear Constellations story

Image Bear Claw Story - Short Version.pdf

The Story of Running Bear - abridged.

Image The Bear Claw Story.pdf

The story of Running Bear