Civic Service

Committee Members

Committee Objectives

The objective of the Civic Service Committee is

  • To work to provide service opportunities in our district through
    • Eagle Projects
    • Community Service Projects
    • Conservation Projects
  • Promote District Service Opportunities
  • Help units achieve their Journey to Excellence Service Goals 
  • Provide information regarding resources for the common good of units in our district
    • Common Resources
    • Ideas for new projects
    • Training on entering service hours

Have a suggestion for a organization who

  • Has Eagle Project Opportunities
  • Resources to donate for a project
  • Service Opportunities

Contact any of the committee members above or send an email to

Current and Upcoming Service Opportunities

Aware of a organization with service needs?  Please send us an email and we can help promote their need and get a unit or Life Scout in touch to begin planning a project.


Click Here to view a list of available service projects!

Service Hours

Sample JTE Log Template for Excel

Reported Service Hours for Golden Eagle District 2018:

Thank you to all of our units for their hard work during the year and taking the time to enter their service hours.  As of this 10/8/2018 report 28 of 68 (or 41%) of Golden Eagle units have reported hours.  Updated reports will be provided via this webpage and at next month’s Roundtable meeting.

If you don't know what your login is, send Paul Manuel an email and he'll help you out. 



Community Service is important and we don't do it for the recognition but it is important to report your unit's service hours because it helps the district and council determine the health of our program. It is very simple to report your hours, simple go to and get started. If you don't know what your login is, shoot Paul Manuel an email and he'll help you out.

Report Your Service Hours!


Last September, an update on the districts Civic Service Activity and training for how to enter service hours was provided.  Here is a copy of the presentation that was shared if you were unable to attend or want to review the presentation:  Civic Service Update and Training  or you can access the Council Community Service Page for even more support and service ideas.