Want to see your Troop, Pack or Crew highlighted during this year's District Dinner? Share your best photos with the district and we'll be sure to include some of them in the slideshow and program handout.

Here's How

  1. If you just want to share the photos and you're not worried about attribution, just upload them to the are on the right (or below if on a mobile device).
  2. If you would like the photos to be attributed to your unit:
    1. Name each photo with your 4-digit Unit Number and the activity or location in the photo. e.g., 1302-BellMountain-01.jpg, 1302-BellMountain-02.jpg
    2. Drag the all to the area on the right or use the buttons to select them.
    3. (optional) If you want to be notified which photos we use of yours, upload a text file named with your 4-digit Unit Number and your name. Include your email address and phone number in the text file. e.g., 1302-JoeDavis.txt
Note: The service used to upload and store the photos is secure and is owned by Joe Davis, District Vice-Chair of Public Relations.