District Pinewood Derby Update

Amidst current concerns with COVID-19 and public health, Golden Eagle leadership met regarding this weekend's district Pinewood Derby. Unless new information arises from NKC Schools mandating facility shutdown, we are planning on holding the event as scheduled.

Since we are moving forward with the event, we ask that families use their best judgment on whether they should attend. The Scout Law give us some advice on how to proceed:

  • A Scout is Clean: Use social distancing techniques when greeting friends and wash hands often. 
  • A Scout is Courteous: If a family member is currently ill or exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home.

Event staff has offered to run cars for Cubs that cannot attend due to illness or a family's decision to avoid social gatherings. Those that wish to take advantage of this option will need to drop off and register the car as usual. Staff will race the car during that Cub's rank event and will put it aside for pickup at the end of that rank's race. Refer to the event schedule for details. Cars that are not picked up by 5:00pm will be taken to the Northland Scout Shop for later pickup.

Periodically check the Golden Eagle district website or Facebook page for any other updates on this event.


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